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French into accurate, flowing English

Lioness is mother-tongue English, which means translation is always from French INTO English to guarantee optimal quality and no “foreign accent” in the final result!

Over ten years Lioness has gained in-depth expertise in:

  • Industrial Health & Safety

  • Environment and sustainability

  • Petroleum exploration, production, refining

  • IT operations and systems architecture

  • Legal/Contractual work

Other familiar domains include:

  • Journalism (in-house magazines, communication articles)

  • Instructional pieces (training courses, manuals, rules and regulations)

  • Highly technical pieces on diverse industrial concepts and equipment

  • Brochures and websites for tourist attractions and places of interest

  • Scientific reports, journals and conference papers

  • Medical texts

Further previous projects have covered subjects from geology to cookery, composite materials to crop cultivation and more.

If you need a document translating from English or Spanish INTO French, feel free to get in touch, and Lioness will be happy to help arrange those language combinations for you.

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