Fast, thorough, expert service

Proofreading and revision

If you have an English document and would like it read by a pair of fresh eyes, Lioness can help.

Maybe it's just a case of checking for errors and inconsistencies, spotting typos and sorting out your commas and semi-colons? No problem – Lioness is a hawk-eyed reader and misses nothing, even at speed!

Do you need more extensive revision of your English text – maybe you write "as you think" and need a more academic style? Perhaps English isn’t your first language?  Or do you need to deliver an English version of your company website?  

The right text is crucial to your professional image, and it needs to be faultless. Lioness draws on native-speaker expertise – and a touch of geekiness! – to tailor your sentences, fix the parts that "just don't sound right" and create a naturally flowing result.

Of course it's a collaborative process – it's your text, nobody else’s! Together we can hone your ideas and improve the style to create a fantastic piece of writing that will do your intentions justice.

Checking Text on a Document