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Lioness' rates

Time to do the sums...

Rates vary depending on:

  • the volume of text (reductions can sometimes be agreed for large volumes)

  • the technicality of the subject matter

  • the degree of repetition in the text

  • whether files need to be recreated from scratch (e.g. a pdf source file that does not convert cleanly)

Lioness Translation’s rates are as follows*:

TRANSLATION (FR to EN): £0.07 to £0.09 GBP per word.

REREADING (translated EN against original FR): £0.018 to £0.02 GBP per word.

PROOFREADING (EN only): £0.015 GBP per word if a native Anglophone has written the text. £0.018 GBP per word otherwise.

TRANSCRIPTION: £15 GBP per hour of my time (roughly £3.50 GBP per audio minute). VARIABLE, e.g. if the recording is unclear and/or several people are talking at once.

OTHER SERVICES: case-dependent – feel free to get in touch.

There is a minimum fee of £20 GBP for any translation - see "About quotes" page

*Rate brackets are correct at the time of writing (March 2018).

Lioness Translation reserves the right to amend these per-word rates at any time. Any such changes will not apply to any ongoing work or to any quotes issued within the month preceding the change.

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